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TUB082       The Center for Education Quality Assurance and Development, Mahasarakham University is located on the 2nd Floor of Princess Sirindhorn Building, Kham Riang Sub-district, Kantarawichai District, Mahasarakham Province. It was established pursuant to the National Education Act B.E. 2542 (A.D. 1999), Section 6, which prescribes that educational quality assurance shall be deemed as part of a continuous educational management process. The Office of Higher Education also promulgated policy and operational procedures for educational quality assurance in July 1996 in order to ensure that higher education institutions would effectively develop higher education under international standards and to boost confidence among the public. The quality assurance system is therefore an instrument to maintain educational quality and standards in higher education institutions.   Mahasarakham University has implemented educational quality assurance by continuously inspecting and assessing educational quality of various organizations at faculty level, as well as in learning support organizations.   Formerly, the University had established the Office of Educational Quality Assurance in June 1998, which was an organization under the supervision of the Division of Academic Affairs, Department of Education Services Division. Later, Mahasarakham University appointed a Vice President for Quality Assurance in December 1999. The responsibilities of this post were to: establish policies and guidelines for clear and continuous educational quality by setting up an educational quality assurance section under the supervision of the Department of Education Services in November 2001 in accordance with Mahasarakham University’s notification “Division of Internal Organizations of Mahasarakham University B.E.2544”;  appoint  a committee to support educational quality assurance activities in order to ensure that all organizations comply with quality assurance procedures including development, supervision, support and inspection to enable them to expand and pass inspection and educational quality assurance both internally and externally; receive external educational quality assessment from the Office for National Education Standards and Quality Assessment.  At the meeting of Mahasarakham University Council no.2/2552 in November, 2009, the Center for Education Quality Assurance and Development was given a status equivalent to department with a structure which consisted of one section called Educational Standard and Quality Assurance Section divided into four groups of work including Educational Quality Assurance, Knowledge Management, Information Development, Public Sector Development and General Administration.



       To be an organization that aims to develop educational quality so that the University will be rated as one of the ten leading universities in Thailand and recognized as the university for community.



1. Develop system and mechanism for educational quality assurance of the University

2. Develop system and mechanism for the preparation of a University development plan

3. Develop system and mechanism for knowledge management

4. Provide information for effective administration and decision making of the executives


 Core Value  “QUALITY”

 Q = Quality (operate in order to respond to the mission of the organization with good quality)

U = Unity (unity: being united, responsible, having awareness and the same objective for the whole organization)

A = Advanced Technology (develop advanced information technology to be used in the operation)

L = Learning Organization  (being a learning organization)

I  = Integrity  (wholeness and preparedness for the operation)

T = Teamwork (working as a team in harmony and goodwill with one another)

Y = Young Blood  (being enthusiastic, creative, with the power to propel the University’s operation)

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